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  • 20-25% average savings
  • No volume commitment
  • Employee discount

Pricing and savings

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About Staples - Business Essentials

Staples is the online, business-to-business division of Staples, Inc., serving organizations up to the level of Fortune 1000Over 4000 contracted items include typical office supply products as well as snacks and beverages, cleaning/kitchen supplies, office furniture, and much more.

The Staples Retail (In-Store) Program offers the added convenience of accessing the contracted discounts at over 1500 retail stores and their Copy & Print centers.


Why do I have to buy 80% of my typical office supplies from the Staples Advantage and Retail Programs?
Committing to higher levels of purchasing leads to greater volume and, therefore, better pricing and service for all members.

What if I don't see the checkmark or "on contract" denoting the best pricing?
Contact your account representative to verify that you are properly enrolled in the HPG-Staples Advantage program or contact us through the “help” button.


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